Free Supercharging Referral Code for 2018


Considering purchasing a new Model X or Model S?  Well, first of all, congratulations, and secondly youíll love the Tesla Referral Program for Free Supercharging!  As you already know by now, these are amazing vehicles that are transformative to own and drive Ė youíll love going on road trips again, especially using Tesla Autopilot.  From the high safety ratings to the incredible flexibility and family benefits of the Model X, in particular, if you can afford it, you canít go wrong.

Now is the perfect time to purchase an X or S since you can still get lifetime Free Superchanging through the Tesla Referral Program when using a valid referral code before July 15, 2018.  In addition, the Federal Tax credit for Tesla will be retiring in late 2018 due to the number of vehicles produced, so be sure to order now (you can always cancel later).

Canít wait?  Ok, ok Ö we have a current and active Tesla Referral Code so you can get your order in today. Donít worry, youíll have three days to cancel if you happen to change your mind.

What Do You Get With The Tesla Referral Program?

By using a Tesla Referral Code you get:

  • Lifetime Free Supercharging on a Model X or S
  • 5 Year Extended Warranty on Solar Panel purchases
  • Change to Race a Tesla Semi!
    • For this you must sign up for the newsletter via the ownerís referral code.


  • Only for Model X and S (not Model 3)
  • Must order by April 30th 2018.
  • Must use a valid referral code

How Do You Get a Tesla Referral Code?

Existing Tesla customers receive five referral codes to give to others who buy a Tesla Model S or X (sorry, doesnít this work with a Model 3).  You use the code by either clicking on the ownerís link on the Tesla website or by providing the code (e.g. hectorr3948) to a Tesla representative at local dealer location.  The Tesla website will indicate what the code provides and the Tesla representative can also tell you.

There are time restrictions to be aware of:

  • Lifetime Free Supercharging Ė you need to order by April 30th (using a valid Tesla referral code)
  • The $7,500 Federal Tax credit is going away later in 2018 due to vehicle production volumes, You need to take delivery in Q2, to be safe, so order soon!


Need a Valid Referral Code?


Current Active Tesla Referral Code: hectorr3948


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Why is Free Supercharging Such a Big Deal?

Supercharging refers to Teslaís proprietary charging stations located through the United States and Canada. Typically, these stations sit along major highways or in populous urban centers so you donít have to return home and plug in your vehicle. This system works for road trips, charging on your lunch break at the office or when you need a quick charge.


There are numerous advantages to having free Supercharging on your Model S or X. Existing owners of a Model S or X get an annual credit of 400 kilowatt-hours of power, or about 1,000 miles. After that, owners pay a modest fee for every Supercharging that is still less expensive than a tank of gas. Prices vary based on your location. Back in early 2017, Tesla said a trip from Los Angeles to New York would cost Model S or X owners about $120 in charging fees at Supercharging stations.

As of 2018, there are more than 1,100 Supercharging stations with around 8,500 Superchargers. Many of these stations exist near shopping centers and grocery store, so you can incorporate your Supercharging time into your routine. Not only do you get free Supercharging with a purchase, but you save time when you couple a Supercharger with a weekly shopping trip.

When you get free Supercharging for life, you save on the Supercharging fee. Just plug in your car and 45-50 minutes later you are ready to go. Supercharging is faster than plugging in at your home because the stations can regulate and monitor the flow of electricity. In your home, your car gets about 50 miles worth of charge in 1 hour and 45 minutes, while 150 miles takes nearly four hours at home. Supercharging gives you a full charge in 30 minutes. Even with upgrades to your home plug-in system, Supercharging is still much faster.

Free Supercharging takes the worry out of long road trips when you plan your ride along major interstate highways. The money you save can go towards souvenirs of your fun family vacation or your journey across America. Tesla has a trip planner so you know when you may be out of range of a Supercharging station.

Why Did Tesla Create the Referral Program?

Tesla owners already get excited when talking about their cars. Model S and X vehicles are virtually maintenance-free, donít cost gas and are very safe. The referral program offers a way for owners to spread the word.

The program also encourages purchases of higher-end Tesla models. The Model S retails for $69,200, and the Model X SUV costs $80,700. By comparison, the Model 3 plans to hit the market at $36,000. Thatís about half the cost of the  more expensive vehicles. The referrals support more expensive models because the lifetime savings in gas help bring the overall cost of the vehicle lower than its price tag.

Need a valid referral code? To help our readers out, we rotate valid codes from our friends and family here:

Current Active Tesla Referral Code: hectorr3948